The Looks You Need for Sapphire v6, December 2012

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You know those moments where you're thinking, I wish I could make this shot look like _______! This month Ra-ey Saleh (www.ra-eysaleh.com) helps to fill in the blank.

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Chungking Express clip
B-Movie clip
CSI clip
Classic Film Noir clip
Delicatessen clip
German Expressionism clip
Modern Horror clip
Night Vision clip
Old Film (with Worn Sprockets) clip
Pixelvision clip
Underworld clip
Day For Night clip
Hand-Held Camera clip
Cool TV clip
Dodgy VHS (with Dropout) clip
Surveillance Camera clip
Undercover Camera clip
VHS Tape FF/RW clip
Viewfinder clip
Bloody Horror clip
Dream Sequence clip
Scope clip
Underwater POV clip
Fisheye Lens Correction clip
Shallow Depth-of-Field clip