Wacky Backy Backgrounds for Sapphire v6, February 2012

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This is a fantastic collection of textures from Angie Taylor. These dynamic presets can be used for backgrounds, displacement maps or organic elements in your project.

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Wavy Grasses clip
Graph Paper clip
Guernica Geometrics clip
Alien Groove clip
Woven Thatch clip
Liquid Sixties clip
Hypno Ripple clip
Liquid Caramel clip
Fantastic Voyage clip
Camoflagery clip
Rediffusion Orbit clip
Racing Stripes clip
Sunburst clip
Corrugated Steel Waves clip
Wonka Lollipop clip
Mesmerising Needles clip
Mercury Rising clip
Painterly Puddles clip
Heat Rings clip
Blue Steel Shutters clip
Dee-Groovy clip
Steel Silk clip
Firewall clip
Silky Lines clip
Fruit Slices clip