Sapphire Effects

Here you can learn the many ways you can use Sapphire effects in your work. Most of the examples shown in these videos are available as presets.

Select an effect category or search a look you want to create:


Creates a fractured, fly's eye view effect by breaking the image into circle-shaped tiles and transforming the image within each tile.


Inverts the colors of the source clip, so black becomes white, and white becomes black. This can also invert luma, chroma, RGB and alpha channels and do basic color correction.


Modulates the brightness of the source clip with a sinusoid to give a black and white solarized look.



Creates an abstract texture resembling folded cloth or liquid that can be animated. Create a variety of looks including silky textures, dark water, magma, and camouflage.


Motion blurs the bright area of the source into streaks between the From and To transformations. This is used to create an extended film exposure effect or simulate soft beams of light.


Transitions between two clips by scrambling the pixels of the inputs within an area of the max amount. The first clip is diffused away, the second clip is diffused into place.



Creates a halftone effect on your source footage using a pattern colored dots.


Embosses and warps the source clip, emphasizing the edges, using the Bumps input as a relief map. Typically results in a liquid chrome look.


Glows areas of the clip with varying widths depending on the depth values from a ZBuffer input. Separates into layers and applies different amounts of glow.


Simulates a traditional 2 or 3-mirror kaleidoscope. A pie slice piece of the source is visible through the angle between the mirrors, as well as mirror-reflected copies of it.


Blurs the source clip in the direction of the gradient of the lens input clip. It is best demonstrated when the lens image contains just a few simple shapes.


Simulates the flash and smoke that is generated when a gun is fired. All guns have a primary flash, and guns with suppressors may have secondary flashes.


Performs a wipe transition between two clips using a grid of growing or shrinking dots. The Wipe Percent parameter should be animated to control the transition speed.


Creates psychedelic spirals and other abstract textures by applying a WarpChroma effect to a generated noise texture.


Performs a wipe transition between two clips using a growing or shrinking circle. The Wipe Percent parameter should be animated to control the transition speed.


Generates a diverse collection of textures, some of which resemble a surface of a rough object under an electron microscope.