Sapphire Effects Browser

Discover new Sapphire effects to use in your work, as well as new capabilities for the effects you already use. Most of the examples shown in these videos are available as presets.

Select an effect category or search a look you want to create:


Recolors the source clip according to four specified colors using the brightness of the source clip. Similar to DuoTone and TriTone.


Transitions between two clips while distorting each using the gradient of the other. The first clip is warped away and faded out while the second clip is unwarped and faded in.


Generates a wide variety of shapes onto an image, from polygons and circles to stars, flower shapes, and swirled starfish shapes. The shapes can be used as masks.


The source clip is darkened at areas around parts of the source clip that are brighter than the given threshold, to give an 'orthicon' or 'dark glow' look.


Generates glowing light from areas of the source clip that are brighter than the given threshold. Solid noise texture is included to give the glow a noisy or grainy effect.


Generates rainbow and other chroma glows based on distances from edges of source input.


Blurs the source clip by an arbitrary amount using a Gaussian, triangle, or box filter.


Applies a gamma correction to the input clip. The red, green, and blue channels can be adjusted independently.


Transitions between two clips while breaking each up into tiles and scrambling them. The first clip breaks apart and spreads out while the second clip coalesces behind the first.


Embosses and warps the source clip, emphasizing the edges, using the Bumps input as a relief map. Typically results in a liquid chrome look.


Performs a wipe transition between two clips using a grid of growing or shrinking checkers.


Transitions between two clips using animated rays. The rays ramp up and down over the duration of the effect. The rays animate by moving the origin across the screen along a line.



Simulates a pen-sketch look using overlapping strokes. The source is divided into four bands based on luma; each band from dark to light gets a different pattern of strokes.


Transitions from the first clip to the second using a moving cloud texture. The Wipe Percent parameter should be animated to control the transition speed.


Generates glows of colored rings around the areas of the source clip that are brighter than the given threshold. Raise the Threshold parameter to produce glows in fewer areas.


Creates a fractured, fly's eye view effect by breaking the image into hexagon-shaped tiles and transforming the image within each tile.