Sapphire Effects

Here you can learn the many ways you can use Sapphire effects in your work. Most of the examples shown in these videos are available as presets.

Select an effect category or search a look you want to create:



Creates an abstract texture resembling folded cloth or liquid that can be animated. Create a variety of looks including silky textures, dark water, magma, and camouflage.


Generates star-shaped rainbow colored glints at locations where the source clip is brighter than the threshold.


Performs a wipe transition between two clips using a pattern of blobs generated by a noise function.


Defocuses the color channels of the source clip to produce a blurred effect.



Gives a cartoon look to an image by drawing new outlines on edges. Smoothes the colors of the areas between the edges, and optionally posterizes colors into fewer color values.


Transitions between two clips using a film dissolve with selectable gamma. Film dissolve preserves the highlights in the clips longer compared to a regular dissolve.



Applies smoothing, color correction, soft focus, and glow to skin regions. While intended for human faces, Beauty can be used to smooth out other shots.



Simulates the old color 2-strip film process for a vintage look from the 1920s. This effect combines two filter colors and two dye colors, and includes grain and color correction.



This effect gives a warm, smoky look to your footage by softly darkening the darker areas of the source clip.


Transitions between two clips using a waves warping function. The first clip is warped away and faded out while the second clip is unwarped into place and faded in.


Applies a median filter to the source clip. An alternative to a Gaussian blur, median filters are useful for cleaning up noise while preserving the image edges.



Emits light beams from the brightest areas of the source layer. The source layer can also be selected as a matte to colorize the rays. Similar to EdgeRays.


Generates a duotone version of the source clip using a repeating pattern of concentric rings. Use the Smooth Source parameter to remove details and make dots more consistently shaped.


Transitions from the first clip to the second using a moving cloud texture. The Wipe Percent parameter should be animated to control the transition speed.


Two blurs with different widths result in different scales and offset by a gray value. Can result in more abstract looks or color grading looks.


Blurs the source clip in a given direction using a Gaussian, triangle, or box filter. Each channel can be blurred by different amounts.