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GenArts offers two Accents standalone visual effects packages, both with an extensive selection of astounding effects.

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Add to your repertoire of visual effects with Sapphire Accents. GenArts’ Sapphire Accents give you more distinct options, more ways to put that extra special touch onto your work….which means more ways to enhance your story. When you need to achieve a highly specific, targeted visual effect, explore our suite of Accents for the answer: particleIllusion After Effects, particleIllusion standalone, and Monsters GT. ParticleIllusion offers two options – the particleIllusion After Effects plugin or the particleIllusion standalone visual effect program. Monsters GT provides artists with over 50 one-of-a-kind visual effects plug-ins.

  • 55+ unique visual effects plug-ins
  • Available as a complete set or in individual packs
  • GPU accelerated
  • 2,800+ particle emitters
  • Customizable presets
  • Available as a plug-in or a standalone application

Selected GenArts Customers

GenArts customers: ABC, BBC, CBS, CCTV, CNN, Digital Domain
GenArts customers: Discovery Channel, Disney, DreamWorks, Entertainment Tonight, ESPN, Fox New Channel
GenArts customers: Fox, Logo, Lucasfilm, McCann-Erickson, MTV, NBS Universal
GenArts customers: Paramount, Rainbow, Sony Computer Entertainment, Sony Imageworks, Star of India, Sun TV
GenArts customers: TBS, Technicolor, Telemundo, TNT, Turner, Warner Bros.