Latest GenArts Software Installers and Updates

Updates for previous versions (e.g. Sapphire 6) are available below.

Floating License Administration (RLM License Server) Updated
RLM license server for GenArts products 01 Nov 2016

Older Installer Versions

Sapphire Edge Updated
Sapphire Edge v1 for Final Cut Pro 28 Apr 2014
Sapphire Edge v1 for Sony Vegas 10 May 2012
particleIllusion Updated
particleIllusion SE 09 Oct 2012
Monsters Updated
Monsters v5 for Avid DS V7 and V8 12 Jul 2011
Raptors Updated
Raptors v1.2 for Avid DS V8, V10 and V10.1 12 Jul 2011