Support for FX Central

If you have a technical support question that is not answered by the information below, please contact us through our support form.

Discontinuation Notice

After much consideration, GenArts has decided to discontinue FX Central in 2014 in order to focus our efforts on improving preset distribution. Although many Sapphire and Sapphire Edge customers use our presets and are excited about additional releases, FX Central was not the best delivery method for them. The last preset release will occur in September 2014. Sales of FX Central subscriptions have been discontinued as well, effective February 2104. All current subscribers will be contacted to discuss any impact this may have on existing subscriptions via email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Account and Subscription

Presets and Tutorials

System Requirements





How do I access my FX Central account?

Go to: Click on "Sign in" in the top right corner. Choose the "Request a new password" tab and follow the instructions.


How do I reset my password?

Go to: Click on "Sign in" in the top right corner. Choose the "Request new password" tab and follow the instructions.


Can I access FX Central without a subscription?

Yes, you can access the FX Central website without a subscription or a GenArts account. As a visitor, you can view tutorials, guided discovery, advanced searches, and also browse through all the presets/looks available on FX Central. However, without a subscription, you will not get the full benefits that FX Central offer, such as being able to download the preset collections nor be able to shortlist.

Please note that you will not get the full benefits of the FX Central website if you sign in with your GenArts account and do not have an FX Central subscription associated to it. (GenArts accounts are initially created when you purchase online. You can easily register for a GenArts account by going to: or Click on "Register" in the top right corner. Choose the "Create new account" tab and follow the instructions.)


Do I get to keep the presets I have downloaded already after my subscription expires?

Yes, you can keep the presets you have downloaded. However, if you lose access to them for any reason (e.g., If your hard drive gets wiped, if you decide to move to a new computer without backing up the presets), you will not be able to download them again from FX Central. You can transfer the downloaded presets to a new computer, if they’re backed up locally or via a standard backup and restore service.


How do I renew my FX Central subscription?

Unfortunately, along with the discontinuation of new FX Central subscription sales, renewals are no longer offered.


Is it required that I renew? Will I be automatically billed for renewal?

No, it is not required that you renew. You will not be automatically billed for renewal. However, if you choose not to renew, your subscription will expire and your access to those subscription benefits, such as the monthly presets will end.


How do I know when my FX Central subscription will expire?

The term of your FX Central subscription is included on your subscription agreement. Approximately one month prior to your renewal date, a notice will appear at the top of your FX Central page (when logged in) -- "Your FX Central access expires dd month yyyy (Renew)" to provide you with the opportunity to renew your subscription.


Can I buy GenArts preset if I don't have an FX Central subscription?

No, GenArts presets are not available for purchase without an FX Central subscription.


How do I buy an FX Central Subscription?

Unfortunately, GenArts has discontinued sales of new FX Central subscriptions.


Can I add other users to my FX Central Subscription?

Yes, FX Central subscribers can add up to 5 users per subscription.


How do I add users to my FX Central Subscription?

Log in to FX Central here: Hover over your username located at the top right corner of the page, a drop down menu will appear. Click on "Manage associates" and you will be prompted who you would like to add to your subscription. Once you have entered in the email and name of the additional user(s), click on "Update friends."


What if my FX Central Subscription expires just before a Quarterly Preset Collection is released?

If your FX Central Subscription expires just before a quarterly preset collection get released - you can submit a request a one time subscription extension using the support form. Remember to include the email address that you used for subscription and the date your FX Central Subscription expires.


What is a GenArts preset and how does it work?

A GenArts preset is a developed visual style which produces a unique effect to your media and can be further customized to meet your needs. Many of the presets are created and curated by members of GenArts' network of professional artists.


How do I install Presets?

When you download the preset collection, you should get a .gpz file. For example, the Sapphire Q1 2014 Preset Collection file looks like this: “2014_Q1_Sapphire_Collection.gpz”.

Note: Depending on your web browser download setting, you may download the file as a “.zip” or ".txt". If that happens, you can just rename the extension to “.gpz”.

To install, double click on the .gpz file and the files will automatically be installed to your preset collection. A prompt will show:  "Installed ## new presets."  Then, click on "Ok".

The next time you start your host application, the Sapphire presets should show up in your preset collection.

Other ways of installing presets would be to right click on the .gpz file:

  • Select “Open with” > select “Preset Browser” > click “Ok”


  • Select “Open with” > select “Other…” > select “preset_browser.exe” > click “Ok”


How do I search for presets?

Go to: You can search by artists, characteristics, collections, or by guided search/discovery.


Do all presets work with all GenArts Products?

Presets are currently only available for Sapphire and Sapphire Edge users. As the presets are created to work with specific host platform along with either Sapphire or Sapphire Edge, please see the compatibility label for the preset or select the appropriate product tag when searching on FX Central to ensure that preset will work with your licensed products.

Please note that if you are using any Sapphire version before Sapphire v6, you will need to upgrade to Sapphire v6 or later to use the presets.


How often will presets and tutorials be added to FX Central?

New preset collections will be added on a quarterly basis and are accessible to all FX Central subscription holders. Tutorials are added periodically and usually debut at the same time as product launches. This may vary from time to time to ensure strong content and coordinate with other activities going on at GenArts.


How do I know when new preset are available on FX Central?

We will notify you through newsletters, emails, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also go to: to receive updates on the new presets.  (Preset collections after March 2013 will be released quarterly.)

If you have the latest installers (e.g., Sapphire v7 or Sapphire Edge v2), the new presets will appear instantly in the preset browser when you log into your FX Central preset browser. Any new presets added since you last open the browser on an effect that has new presets will appear in the "New" section.


Can I download individual presets from the FX Central Website?

No, you cannot download individual presets at this time. 

Preset collections are currently available for download by logging into FX Central through your preset browser.


How do I access training materials?

Tutorials and other training material are available within our FX Central community site. To view our existing tutorial collection, please visit:


How do I see GenArts presets with my video?

First apply the effects that you would like on your footage. Click on "Load preset" to open your preset browser. You can search and preview the presets on your footage to see what preset you like before you apply it.


How can I tell an FX Central preset that was downloaded from one that's included with Sapphire Edge?

FX Central presets are denoted with a blue "FX Central" logo. These include any presets that have been released as a collection via FX Central and require a subscription.


Can I upload my own presets to FX Central?

No, you cannot upload your own presets at this time; however, you can adjust the existing preset and save them locally for future access and use.


How do I back up my preset files?

The presets (.gp files) are located in the following default location:

For Sapphire:

  • On Windows: C:\ProgramData\GenArts\Sapphire\Presets
  • On Mac: /Library/Application Support/GenArts/Sapphire/Presets
  • On Linux: /usr/genarts/Sapphire/Presets

For Sapphire Edge:

  • On Windows: C:\ProgramData\GenArts\SapphireEdge\presets
  • On Mac: /Library/Application Support/GenArts/SapphireEdge/presets
  • Linux is not supported.

If you would like to change the location of where the presets are saved, go to the preset browser, click on "Edit" and then "Browser Settings". A dialog will appear and allow you to view or change the preset folder locations.

Make a back up of your presets from the default location or the location you designated them to and put them in a safe location. 


How do I install my presets?

When you download the preset collection, you should get a .gpz file.F or example, the Sapphire Q1 2014 Preset Collection file looks like this: “2014_Q1_Sapphire_Collection.gpz” Depending on your browser, it may download as a .zip or .txt file. If that happens, you must rename the extension to .gpz.

To install, double click on the .gpz file and the files will automatically be installed to your preset collection. A prompt will show: "Installed ## new presets." Then, click on "Ok".

The next time you start your host application, the Sapphire presets should show up in your preset collection.


Are there any restrictions on what I can produce with FX Central? Are the presets 'royalty-free'?

You can use the rendered output produced by FX Central preset in any way you want, royalty-free. You cannot sell, give away, or distribute the presets provided by GenArts themselves. If you create a new preset based on one provided by GenArts, you may provide these to other third parties, but only for use to produce rendered output as part of our terms of use. (For clarification, you must modify them enough that they are visually different from the original presets). Using FX Central to render "stock footage" that you will sell is fine.


What browsers does FX Central support?

FX Central should operate on all major web browsers. (e.g., Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari)